Truck and Bus Batteries Canberra

Truck Batteries
For those tough conditions you put your truck through each and every day, you need robust and reliable batteries. So you need truck or bus batteries from All Type Battery Solutions.
Best truck battery brands
All Type Battery Solutions offers a range of truck and bus batteries by reputable brands Bosch and Super Start that will simply get the job done, day in and day out.
For almost 100 years, Bosch has been constantly revolutionising its battery products, while Super Start is renowned for its products’ powerful cranking power.
We stock these batteries because they’ve been developed and designed to last. They start just about any truck or bus engine with more power, reliability and cycle life than the others, again and again.
Reliable, powerful batteries
In Australia, truck drivers travel the longest distances with big loads, harsh operating conditions, high temperature fluctuations and ever-increasing cycling demands. So you need to know that the truck and bus battery under your bonnet can be relied upon, day after day and year after year.
Free delivery and installation
Because we understand the truck and battery business, we offer free battery delivery and installation during business hours (8.30am-4pm), Monday to Friday in Canberra.
Free testing, fitting and replacement
We also offer free testing and fitting during business hours from our location in Mitchell, and can even check your charging system or replace your battery terminals while we’re at it.
Whatever you need, All Type Battery Solutions will have your key in the ignition, cranking over a powerful, high quality battery and back on the road in no time.
Trust a company that knows truck batteries
When it comes to truck batteries, it’s important to be able to turn to a company that knows the business. Because just as you need a reliable, quality and high performance truck battery, it’s also vital to be able to turn to experience, proven and exceptional customer service and a quality range at competitive prices when you need it. All Type Battery Solutions is precisely this: your first and only battery solution for your truck or bus.