Solar batteries Canberra

If you think it’s time you joined the more than 2 million Australians who power their homes with solar systems, then All Type Battery Solutions in Canberra has the know-how and equipment to guide you to the best clean energy solution, at the right price. Call our team or come to the store to see our range of deep cycle batteries, solar controllers, inverters and solar panels.
Choosing the most appropriate solar panel is the first step in introducing renewable, emission-free electricity to your home. Our specialists will help you design the most efficient solar system for your individual situation – and with one of the largest rollouts of subsidised battery storage soon to become a reality in Canberra, you will soon be saving money and reducing greenhouse gases.
Once you have the design, we can help you choose the ideal type of solar panel from the All Type Battery Solutions range, taking into account tolerance, temperature co-efficient, conversion efficiency, resistance and your budget. From there, our experts will install the panels and provide specialist advice to set you up with the rest of the system from All Type Battery Solutions stock of solar products.
Deep cycle batteries (sometimes referred to as solar batteries) will discharge over a length of time and are well suited for all your solar energy storage. We stock the best brands of deep cycle battery for reliability and durability.
Your solar installation will be fully protected with one of our range of solar charge controllers that will also maximise battery life. Choose the power level to suit your own level of solar storage.
Don’t overlook the need for a quality solar inverter to transform the voltage from your solar panels to home-use AC power.
The Australian Renewable Energy Agency tells us that ‘Australia has the highest average solar radiation per square metre of any continent in the world’. You can benefit from this incredible natural resource and install a solar system in your Canberra home.