Car batteries, chargers and jump starters

There’s nothing worse than an unreliable car battery. You could be out running important errands only to find your car breaks down at the most inconvenient of times. To avoid these mishaps, it’s worth having the right gear with you so you can restart your car on your own, without having to pay for the hassle of calling up assistance.

Car batteries chargers and trickle chargers to suit your needs

At All Type Battery Solutions, we offer car battery chargers and trickle chargers to suit a wide range of vehicles. It is worth having a car battery or trickle charger in your vehicle so you can avoid a disastrous flat battery situation. Please read the instructions carefully so as not to damage your battery.
A battery charger works by maintaining the current that has been lost in your car battery, through positive and negative leads that clip on to the battery posts within the equipment.
A trickle charger, on the other hand, is used to keep a car battery charged to peak performance. This is perfect for when you are not using your battery all the time. A trickle charger can be left on the battery while you are not using it.
For the campers that like to go out in the bush we stock a small range of solar trickle chargers for vehicles and iPhone6s. Come and have a look.

Power inverters for your vehicle

At All Type Battery Solutions, we also sell power inverters, so you can power 240 volt devices from a 12/24 battery.
Power inverters work by converting a car’s DC power to AC voltage, meaning you can plug in devices and charge them in your car like you would if you were in your house and using an electricity socket.
These power inverters allow for greater convenience when you’re on a road trip and need to charge your mobile phone, DVD player or laptop… or any electronics at all!

A wide range of jump starters

At All Type Battery Solutions, we also have a range of jump start options to get your car started when your battery is flat.
The great benefit of a portable battery jump starter is that it gets rid of the need for another car’s battery to jump start your vehicle when you get a flat battery. Instead, you simply hook up your car’s battery to the portable jump starter, boosting the battery charge to fire up your car’s engine once more.
Whether you’re looking for a car battery charger, power inverter, or jump starter, at All Type Battery Solutions, we have a wide range to suit all needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.