Caravan and Motor Home Batteries Canberra

If you’re trying to source top quality caravan and motor home batteries in Canberra, you can rely on All Type Battery Solutions. We have long lasting, high performance batteries for caravans and motorhomes of any size.
The ideal battery for caravans and motorhomes is a deep cycle battery, which supplies a lower level of current for a prolonged period of time. As caravans and motorhomes require a “house supply” or power to run fridges and other internal appliances, deep cycle batteries are the best alternative to fulfill these demands. At All Type Battery Solutions, we supply Super Start Batteries and Bosch Batteries for caravans and motorhomes.
Super Start Deep Cycle Batteries have been manufactured with extra thick plates, as well as denser active material to offer superior amp hour and allow for deep cycling (recharging and discharging). What makes this battery so efficient is that it’s been designed to deep cycle without any negative impact on battery life or performance. As Super Start Deep Cycle Batteries have been filled and heat sealed, you don’t need to undertake any maintenance after installation. Because caravans and motorhomes travel in all types of conditions, this battery range has been designed from quality materials to be tough, durable and able to resist vibration. Engineered to have exceptional cranking ability without affecting amp hour, it is a great dual purpose battery.
Bosch’s LA/M battery with PowerFrame technology is an ideal choice for caravans and motorhomes, offering high performance over extended periods of time. Designed for comfort, safety and power, the LA/M battery will run efficiently, even in the toughest conditions. Even with regular deep cycling, the battery life is not affected.
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At All Type Battery Solutions, we offer free delivery of caravan and motorhome batteries in Canberra during business hours of 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday and a 24/7 call out service (terms and conditions apply). You can also drop in and see our friendly team at our store in Mitchell for free battery testing and replacement, as well as battery terminal clamp replacement (in shop only).
For all your motorhome or caravan battery needs, visit All Type Battery Solutions today! You can also call our friendly team if you have any questions or queries. For after hours requests, send us an email and we’ll forward you through a response as soon as we’re free.